Virginia DUI Laws

Virginia DUI / DWI Laws

Virginia DUI / DWI Laws: Penalties, Fines, Requirements & Information

Virginia DUI / DWI Laws Overview & Common DUI / DWI Questions

I’ve been arrested for DUI in Virginia, what should I do?

If you’ve been arrested for DUI / DWI in Virginia, the first thing you should do is talk with an experienced Virginia DUI lawyer!  Virginia DUI laws are complex and an experienced Virginia DUI lawyer will be able to negotiate the best possible outcome.  Call 1.855.700.0754 for a FREE Virginia DUI consultation with a local DUI lawyer.

What is the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit in Virginia?

Like all other states in America, the BAC legal limit in Virginia for individuals over 21 is .08%.  Virginia does have a zero-tolerance law meaning anyone under the age of 21 will be charged with DUI for a BAC greater than .02%.  The commercial BAC limit in Virginia is .04%.  Anyone found to have a BAC higher than these limits will be charged with DUI in the state of Virginia.

Does Virginia have an aggravated DUI charge if my BAC is extremely high?

Yes, Virginia does have a enhanced or aggravated DUI charge if your BAC limit is over 0.15%

Do I have to take a field sobriety test or chemical test in Virginia?

Virginia DUI laws include “implied consent”, which means you are required to submit to field sobriety tests or chemical testing, or you will face serious consequences.

If I’m convicted of DUI in Virginia will I lose my car?

Yes, it is a possibility that your vehicle could be confiscated if you are charged with a DUI offense in Virginia.

Can I lose my drivers license if convicted of DUI / DWI in Virginia?

Yes, license suspension or revocation will occur if you are convicted of DUI / DWI in Virginia.  The duration of a suspension varies by the type of DUI offense in Virginia.

Will I have to use an ignition interlock device if I’m convicted of DUI in Virginia?

Yes, Virginia DUI laws require the use of ignition interlock devices if your BAC is over 0.15% upon a first-time DUI conviction.

How much does a DUI in Virginia cost?

A first time DUI conviction in Virginia can cost between $6,000 – $11,000.

Will an Virginia DUI conviction increase my auto insurance?

Yes, definitely.  If you are convicted of DUI / DWI in Virginia, your insurance could increase by $1,800 to $6,000.

Will I have to serve jail time if I’m convicted of a DUI in Virginia?

Yes, If convicted of a DUI offense in Virginia you may face up to a minimum of 5 days in jail.

Overview of Virginia DUI / DWI Laws: Penalties, Fines, Jail Time & Requirements

Penalties & Fines For First DUI Conviction in Virginia

  • Imprisonment – Min. 5 days
  • Fine – Min. $250
  • Mandatory – Alcohol assessment &  treatment with ignition interlock device (if BAC is above 0.15%)
  • Drivers license suspension – 1 year

Penalties & Fines For Second DUI Conviction in Virginia

  • Imprisonment – 20 days to 1 year
  • Fine – Min. $500
  • Mandatory – Alcohol assessment &  treatment with ignition interlock device
  • Drivers license suspension – 3 years

Penalties & Fines For Third DUI Conviction and Subsequent DUI’s Within 10 Years in Virginia

  • Imprisonment – Min. 6 months
  • Mandatory – Alcohol assessment &  treatment with ignition interlock device
  • Fine – Min. $1,000
  • Drivers license suspension – Indefinitely

Virginia DUI Laws Apply To All Counties in Virginia


  • Accomack County
  • Albemarle County
  • Alleghany County
  • Amelia County
  • Amherst County
  • Appomattox County
  • Arlington County
  • Augusta County
  • Bath County
  • Bedford County
  • Bland County
  • Botetourt County
  • Brunswick County
  • Buchanan County
  • Buckingham County
  • Campbell County
  • Caroline County
  • Carroll County
  • Charles City County
  • Charlotte County
  • Chesterfield County
  • Clarke County
  • Craig County
  • Culpeper County


  • Cumberland County
  • Dickenson County
  • Dinwiddie County
  • Essex County
  • Fairfax County
  • Fauquier County
  • Floyd County
  • Fluvanna County
  • Franklin County
  • Frederick County
  • Giles County
  • Gloucester County
  • Goochland County
  • Grayson County
  • Greene County
  • Greensville County
  • Halifax County
  • Hanover County
  • Henrico County
  • Henry County
  • Highland County
  • Isle Of Wight County
  • James City County
  • King And Queen County


  • King George County
  • King William County
  • Lancaster County
  • Lee County
  • Loudoun County
  • Louisa County
  • Lunenburg County
  • Madison County
  • Mathews County
  • Mecklenburg County
  • Middlesex County
  • Montgomery County
  • Nelson County
  • New Kent County
  • Northampton County
  • Northumberland County
  • Nottoway County
  • Orange County
  • Page County
  • Patrick County
  • Pittsylvania County
  • Powhatan County
  • Prince Edward County
  • Prince George County


  • Prince William County
  • Pulaski County
  • Rappahannock County
  • Richmond County
  • Roanoke County
  • Rockbridge County
  • Rockingham County
  • Russell County
  • Scott County
  • Shenandoah County
  • Smyth County
  • Southampton County
  • Spotsylvania County
  • Stafford County
  • Surry County
  • Sussex County
  • Tazewell County
  • Warren County
  • Washington County
  • Westmoreland County
  • Wise County
  • Wythe County
  • York County